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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  August 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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the sedgwick county sheriff is used to working alongside prosecutors. sheriff tom hannah is used to working with people who have charges against them.
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county. by law those duties now fall on the county coroner. tom hannah faces felony charges involving the sexual assault of a developmentally disabled inmate. you won't hear tom hannah speak. the judge allowed our cameras to capture pictures but no sound. as the charges were read, a quick dismissive shake of the head said more than words could. >> i have the utmost confidence in the other sheriffs in our district. i don't want this to >> reporter: brittany luton is used to working with sheriff hannah. yesterday she made the arrest along with the colorado bureau of investigations. >> i have six counties and i believe completely in their work and agencies. >> reporter: august 10th court documents say the sheriff told the deputy he was driving a female prisoner in his personal county truck to the logan
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investigators interviewed the inmate, a woman who says she has a low iq. she told investigators the sheriff had her strip down, offered her 60 bucks and stripped her down. >> a gag order has been entered, so i can't say anything more. >> reporter: the d.a. called the investigation into the sheriff awkward and uncomfortable. the judge approved a request to bring in a special prosecutor from the 18th judicial district. >> i've done everything with as much transparency as possible. briefly spoke in court asking for leniency on his bond saying his money was tied up in his divorce. after a final head shake logan county deputies led the sedgwick county sheriff out of the courtroom. bond was set at $250,000. he can't get within 100 yards of the sedgwick county courthouse or sheriff's office and he has to wear a gps device. his next court appearance in
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noel brennan, 9news. in fremont county heavy rains created a mess along the hayden pass burn scar. it's the first time it's happened since the fire and people didn't know what to expect. after getting to higher ground a woman watched three creeks merge and create one large river. it washed out a bridge and shut down county road 40. the clean-up will be a group effort. >> everybody is willing to help a neighbor. you'll probe see that themselves and that's just huge. it's a huge blessing to have up here. >> people living there are worried about more rain and this kind of all day rain happens but not very often in denver. temperatures only made it to the mid-60s, about 20 degrees cooler than normal. a line of evening showers moved out of the metro area. kathy says we will dry out and warm up soon enough.
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few minutes. several tornadoes flattened homes and businesses in indiana. people recorded the storms as they went through, cell phone video showing tornadoes touching down in kokomo about 60 miles north of indianapolis. a starbucks was one of the first buildings to go. a state of emergency has been declared there tonight. every street in areas of damage are closed to everyone except emergency workers. emergency managers are making a plea to people who live there. >> asking all residents in howard county if take shelter in your residence. we're asking people to stay away from severely affected areas, not just this evening or until our declaration is over, but for the next few days. >> no one was seriously hurt. indiana governor mike pence, the republican vice presidential candidate, will survey damage tomorrow. he just got back from north carolina on a campaign stop. many who died in the powerful earthquake in italy
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search for survivor ms. more than 150 -- survivors. more than 150 are now confirmed dead. the earthquake was a 6.2. three mountain towns bore the brunt of it. amatrice is a popular tourist spot and its mayor said to the media the town is no more. the aftershocks were felt over 80 miles away. a stronger myanmar today. three people died. 100 temples built between the 11th and 12th centuries were damaged. the depth of this earthquake helped minimize the surface effects. a third earthquake resonated off the indonesian coast today. earthquakes of this magnitude are not unusual. around 200 happen year around the world. it's by chance all three hit on the same day with the locations
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doubtful that they're connected. >> these earthquakes occurred on a known plate ground or fault system happening a long distance apart from each other. it can trigger other earthquakes nearby, but that triggering won't extend to the other side of the world. >> italy has a long documented record of big earthquakes in part of the country impacted today. he said the lesson is to prepare for future earthquakes by retrofitting buildings. > someone will recognize these thieves. the surveillance video shows a man and woman walking to building. they get into an elevator. a while later the two run away. the man is now without his shirt. the two were burglarizing a home when the owner caught them.
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away. a cold case in greeley is closer to being closed. in 1934 a woman told police she was walking home after working her shift at a denny's restaurant. two men pull heard into an alley, threatened to kill her and sexually assaulted her. in 2014 dna from the case was matched to rusty bernhardt and another man. they were charged on felony kidnapping because the statute of limitations has run out. they're due in court in about a month. authorities doubled the reward in their search for a teen missing over a month. 16-year-old la shaya stein was last seen july 16th near montview and peoria. a witness may have seen her at a bus stop.
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long black hair. metro crime stoppers is offering a reward up to $4,000. if you have any information, call 720-913-stop. you can remain anonymous. a crowded city street with nowhere to park. a neighbor near city park is expecting it will soon get harder for them to park. more than 100 new apartments are going up with no parking. neighbors were so upset they convinced city council to take action. here's 9news reporter vicente arenas. >> reporter: trying to find a place to park is already hard enough at the corner of 16th avenue and humboldt. >> this block was built in the 1890s without garages. it used to have stables in the backyards. >> reporter: which is why so many people have to park on the street. jared gordorsi doing one of the last spots. >> you fry and wing it as much
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>> reporter: some expect parking to get much worse when these two empty lots become home to two microapartment buildings. >> it's going to greatly affect this area i think. >> reporter: the developer sent us these renderings of the proposed five-story buildings, 100 units total averaging 350 square feet, some for less than $1,000 a month. but there will be no parking. >> although we're told they won't have cars, we have to kind of chuckle. approved the complex these neighbors helped convince the denver city council to temporarily stop issuing permits for similar structures. the developer told us he spent years designing this project which some say is badly needed. >> i know a lot of young people who would like to live in thissed that i but they struggle to find -- in this
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afford. >> reporter: until now this place and another in the highlands is the only structure built without parking since 2010. there are as many as nine other microapartment buildings that have been approved with no parking. city council members tell me that they are much smaller, though. meantime the developer hopes to break ground on the capitol year. neighbors are hoping they can convince that developer to at least include some kind of parking. >> you mentioned nine more buildings expected to be built. there's a moratorium. >> but they were grand fathered in. so there are as many as eight or nine okay to go ahead with those, but the council is say nothing more for now because we have to figure out how to fix this problem because we can't be putting up apartments
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take public transportation and ride their bikes. >> so far they hope this microapartment unit will encourage more people to use those. not there yet. >> thanks. it is a done deal. topgolf has approval from the city of thornton to build a new entertainment complex. the permit was approved during a late night city council meeting. the vote was 8-1. as we reported last night, some people living nearby bright lights and the large size. topgolf's centennial location has been open about a year. the thornton location is expected to open the end of next year. you could say it's one of the most unusual bathrooms in denver. high great iv bar opened a -- hydrate iv bar opened a few months ago. the bar hydrates customers with an iv to help with a hangover
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to help their immune system fight an infection. prices typically start around $30. the business says it has a private practice doctor on staff as well as trained nurses and paramedics. >> i think it's 100% safe. we're using the same techniques and same sterile equipment that we do in the hospital. so there's nothing about it that's difference in the way i'm starting the iv or providing the therapy. it's a friendly environment for the client. recliner, get a pillow or blanket and just relax. >> the today show interviewed a doctor who criticized these kind of so-called bars saying they aren't much more than a gamic and the -- a gamic and the therapy doesn't -- a gimmick and the therapy doesn't help much more than hot chicken soup. every day in the u.s. school goes on lockdown for any
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today in texas the reason? an extremely venomous snake. >> kathy will tell us when it will feel like the ends of summer again. >> reporter: broncos quarterback mark sanchez explains why you should never
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a bystander likely saved the live of a driver whose car was engulfed in flames after a crash. two men pulled the drive from the burning vehicle. the -- driver from the burning vehicle. the driver lost control in the town of plainville. the trooper smashed the driver side window and pulled him from
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driver's condition tonight. an intense few hours for search crews looking for a venomous make near the houston area. a 10-foot king cobra was caught after being loose near a school. it appeared the snake escaped from someone who lives nearly and owns many exotic animal. the sheriff's office says the owner has two of these type of snakes. simone biles returned home to texas today greeted by friends and fans and city leaders of houston. the mayor declared it simone biles day. biles genuinely seemed surprised by all the attention. >> i can't thank everyone in all of houston for coming out to see me today and to welcome me from rio and i don't know what else to say. i'm nervous and i love you guys. >> biles is from springing texas, just north of houston -- spring, texas, just north of
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for her. she won four gold medals and one projection. soon you'll have the option of taking -- bronze. soon you'll have the option of taking the train to winter park ski resort. the train ran from 1940 until 2009 but was discontinued over cost. amtrak is now partnering with the resort to bring the train back. winter park will announce details about train times and tickets tomorrow. i'm excited about riding this this season. >> you have to go never done it. just go to do it one time. ski season is not here yet, but still we can plan early, right, kathy? >> it certainly feels closer. >> it would be so fun and it does make you think about skiing. a chill in the air and some beneficial moisture, something we could definitely use. outside now most of the rain has ended in the city.
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cloud cover and fog. up in loveland they're getting ready, just a few weeks away from opening day. it's such a pretty pictures. you'll be able to see those snow capped peaks driving into work tomorrow. 68 degrees in denver tomorrow, way below the seasonal average and nowhere near humidity pretty high, wind calm, 58 degrees, mid-50s in downtown denver and the thunderstorms we're tracking tonight nonsevere producing beneficial rain and there's more coming in especially in the foothills and areas south of us, another push of moisture on the heels of this cool front dragging the air down into north texas. with the heavy thunderstorms on the far eastern plains they're blowing up along the frontal boundary which extends from lamar, burlington toward north
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tornadoes occurring today, wichita, st. louis, chicago. between ohio is today and indiana 35 tornadoes reported. now as this cool front continues to drop south interacting with more moisture tomorrow, it will be more typical of august. we'll have more sunshine tomorrow. storms hold off till late day. the severe weather threat is well south and east of us tomorrow, areas in green this contrast line is where the strongest storms are likely tomorrow. temperatures will be milder but below the average of 87. thundershowers moving north to south tonight turning heavy in south eastern colorado and then moving out. low. clouds and fog tomorrow morning but a much improved day. thunderstorms develop in the high country around noon. then the line of storms pushes over denver late day with pockets of heavier rain castle
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and pueblo. when skies clear tonight, it will be cold, 37 in kremlin, 49 in denver, a chilly start to the day. if the kids have a light jacket heading out, might not be a bad idea, but temperatures will get to feeling better. mid-70s in highlands ranch, lone tree and castle rock, mid- 60s for nederland and estes park. skies gradually clear, low tomorrow should get some sunshine mid-morning,67 by lunchtime, an active 48 hours until we hit the weekend. sunshine, mid-80s saturday, sunday, monday almost 90, a warm weather temperature trend continuing till the middle of next week. who isn't thinking about the weekend? our broncos take the field saturday, 79 degrees at kickoff at 6 p.m.
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forecast with 71 degrees at 10:00. a beautiful double rainbow shot, had to bring this back. i don't know if you saw this in our earlier newscast, but adele and i were taken back by this beautiful picture. >> i saw it on twitter, very pretty. >> does that mean there are four pots of gold there?
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. the broncos chances of winning saturday's preseason game with the los angeles rams improved dramatically today when their starting quarterback realized he could throw a football again. four days after injuring his shoulder trying to make a tackle trevor simeon returned to full practice.
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earn the opening night gig if he can simply play well this weekend. >> i'm not reading too much into it to be honest with you. i think it's a good opportunity for us to take another step as a team. we're putting together some good things the last couple weeks, so just another week for us to build and try to get better. >> mark sanchez is disgusted with himself so far this preseason, but sanchez doesn't give up easily. so he's expecting to play well against the rams, so well, in fact, that he'll seriously considered for the job. >> if you're a competitor, this is all you want. that's where we're at and that's what the situation dictates. so go play ball. go have fun. cut it loose and all those cliches you hear from quarterback, cut it loose, grip it and rip it. any one you want, go ahead and pick. i don't quit. i'll take this thing down to the wire if that's what it takes. >> 9news broncos insider mike
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the most experienced quarterback in the nfl to the least on the pages of his notebook. >> reporter: do you understand what we have here with the broncos and their quarterback situation? this is going to be the first defending super bowl champion that's going to start a quarterback who has thrown as many nfl palaces as drew -- nfl passes as drew i wouldn't rule out paxton lynch just yet. >> my evaluation is coming from about the last six months. it's not coming from one day or one game or anything. it's over a period of time. i think they all continue to work extremely hard. >> reporter: it's been crazy around here with quarterbacks. the living legend john elway becomes a general manager, jay cutler, a 24-year-old pro bowler run out of town by the new young head coach. there was the magical tebow
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and the drama is just beginning. if simeon is the opening day quarterback, then the paxton lynch watch begins. mike klis, 9news. >> can't decide if that was a cheap shot or a compliment. rockies were swept by the milwaukee brewers for the first time in five years today, three straight duds. can't blame nolan arenado. he regained the national league homer lead by belling his of the season, -- belting his 34th of the season, but colorado never scored another run. roccos lose 7 -1. still of the night comes from washington d.c. where olympic hero katie ladecky made bryce harper hold her medals so she could throw out the ceremonial first pitch in the still of the night. isn't that funny?
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minding at all. >> those medals weigh 1.4 pounds apiece. >> look at you with the facts. >> every now and they -- then i mix a fact in, kathy. mike shanahan is celebrating his 64th tonight. >> so much for the rockies purple today. >> another waste of time. >> no.
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we're halfway through the week. the weekend looks pretty good, a few rain showers out there tonight and a few more tomorrow, but we'll have some sunshine tomorrow. a couple afternoon storms. you know the deal, similar forecast friday, but the weekend looks amazing. if you're longing for summer weather, hang in there, sunday and monday highs back near 90 degrees.
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>> i lived in seattle for three years. that rain thing is totally overrated. it's not that bad. >> you're positive? >> it never rains hard ever.
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